Publications and Resources with µAM

We are actively engaged in research projects with some of the top academic institutions around the globe, including EMPA, ETH Zurich, Ferdinand Braun, and Max Planck. Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate. 

As Exaddon AG was originally a spin-off from Cytosurge AG, publications prior to 2019 reference the FluidFM µ3Dprinter and Cytosurge AG. 

 White Papers / Reports / Webinars

A preview of the new collaborative report betweeen Exaddon, Imina Technologies, and ThermoFisher Scientific, detailing manipulation of microscale 3D printed metal springs.

Manipulation and Probing of 3D Printed Metal Microsprings in a Desktop SEM

A collaboration between Exaddon, Imina Technologies, and ThermoFisher Scientific investigating the precise manipulation of microscale metal springs, 3D printed by Exaddon and captured using desktop SEM. 

Screenshot of Exaddon's 2023 landscape analysis of microscale additive manufacturing providers.

Industry Overview - Additive Manufacturing at the Microscale - Landscape Analysis 2023

Discover the key technologies in additive micromanufacturing, including metals, polymers, and ceramics.

This whitepaper details the providers, print materials, method of printing, possible object sizes, through to resolution and more.

Exaddon CERES - surface mapping white paper

White Paper - Mapping of Surface Topography

Learn how to map and print on submicrometer 2D & 2.5D surface structures using the Exaddon CERES system

Exaddon CERES - Gold printing white paper

White Paper - Gold Printing with CERES

Learn about additive micromanufacturing of gold objects using the Exaddon CERES system

Exaddon CERES datasheet - metal 3D printing with submicron resolution

Datasheet - CERES Print System

Discover how our CERES system prints microscale metal objects with submicrometer precision

Webinar: 3D Metal Printing at the Microscale with Exaddon


Discover 3D Metal Printing at the Microscale

Discover how Exaddon are pioneering additive micromanufacturing of metals, in this webinar presented by Exaddon CEO Edgar Hepp in collaboration with QD USA

 Scientific Publications

Cover of Additive Manufacturing journal, featuring Exaddon and EMPA's research in the direct 3D printing of nickel at microscale sizes.

Additive Manufacturing

Direct nickel 3D printing at room temperature at microscale sizes, via electrochemical deposition. Compression tests on micropillars revealed a yield strength on par with conventional 2D electrodeposition methods.  2024

Materials and Design journal cover, March 2023.

Materials & Design

Direct 3D microprinting of highly conductive gold structures via localized electrodeposition, directly on pre-patterned microchips. Four-point probe measurement of the gold microwires showed a resistivity of 65 nΩm. 2023

Materials and Design journal containing Exaddon and EMPA research into nickel coating of microscale copper structures.

Materials & Design

Strengthening of 3D printed Cu micropillars in Cu-Ni core-shell structures. In situ micropillar compression revealed an exceptional ∼3-fold increase in strength after Ni coating Cu structures. 2023

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices

A copper helix 3D printed with the CERES system was used in a TWT (traveling wave tube) operating at millimeter wave frequencies. 2022

Applied Materials Today 2022 journal paper featuring Exaddon research

Applied Materials Today

Anomalous high strain rate compressive behavior of additively manufactured copper micropillars. 2022

MRS Advances 2021 journal paper featuring Exaddon research

MRS Advances

Hollow copper microneedle made by local electrodeposition-based additive manufacturing. 2021

Micromachines 2020 journal front cover featuring Exaddon research


Additive manufacturing of sub-micron to sub-mm metal structures with hollow AFM cantilevers. 2020

Advanced Engineering Materials 2019 journal front cover featuring Exaddon research

Advanced Engineering Materials

Multiscale Additive Manufacturing of Metal Microstructures. 2019

EUSPEN 2018 international conference proceedings featuring Exaddon research


Pinpoint Additive Manufacturing of Complex 3D Microstructures of Pure Metal. 2018

Advanced Materials 2017 journal front cover featuring Exaddon research

Advanced Materials

Additive Manufacturing of Metal Structures at the Micrometer Scale. 2017

Advanced Materials 2016 journal front cover featuring Exaddon research

Advanced Materials

Template-Free 3D Microprinting of Metals Using a Force-Controlled Nanopipette for Layer-by-Layer Electrodeposition. 2016

Physical Review Letters 2015 journal article featuring Exaddon research

Physical Review Letters

Simultaneous Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy with Microchanneled Cantilevers. 2015

RSC 2015 journal paper featuring Exaddon research

RSC Advances

Local Surface Modification via Confined Electrochemical Deposition with FluidFM. 2015

Applied Physics Letters 2015 journal paper featuring Exaddon research

Applied Physics Letters

Electric Field Controlled Nanoscale Contactless Deposition Using a Nanofluidic Scanning Probe. 2015

IEEE 2014 MEMS conference proceeding paper featuring Exaddon research


Electrospray Deposition from AFM Probes with Nanoscale Apertures. 2014

Analytical Chemistry 2013 journal paper Exaddon research

Analytical Chemistry

AFM Cantilever with in situ Renewable Mercury Microelectrode. 2013