CERES Microprinting System

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Exaddon µAM Printing - Printing of a helix structure

The animation shows an example of how the Exaddon µ3Dprinter prints submicron structures. 

Explore the microprinting applications beyond imagination with the Exaddon µ3Dprinter.


Exaddon µAM Printing - Impossible Object

Can an impossible object be 3D printed, even impossibly small? The answer is: Yes, if you take an impossible object design and combine it with micro 3D printing technology. A metallic impossible object at the size of a red blood cell is born. 


Exaddon µAM Printing - Nano printing - additive micro manufacturing of metals

The animation shows an example of how the Exaddon µ3Dprinter prints submicron structures in liquid or air. 

Exaddon CERES systems use hollow cantilevers to dispense various fluids in air or liquid. Their unique combination of microfluidics and atomic force microscopy (AFM) feedback allow to monitor and control the deposition process. This allow achieving 2D and 3D prints at different speeds, sizes and resolutions with great freedom of design.


Exaddon µAM Printing - Microscale Spring

We printed a microscale copper spring to test the material properties of our printed objects. 

The pure copper spring showed excellent mechanical stability, elastic behavior, and adhesion to the gold substrate. 

Learn more about the material properties of our printed structures here 

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The only technology of its kind in the world, CERES has limitless possibilities within both industry and research. Your application is our motivation; let us know your questions or challenges, and our technicians will work to help you discover the limitless possibilities of additive micromanufacturing with CERES.