WHITE PAPER: Mapping Surface Topography Using CERES

Exaddon's additive micromanufacturing provides new possibilities  to support traditional lithographic processes for research and industrial applications. It has the capacity to modify lines and traces and chip surfaces very locally, and with pinpoint accuracy. 

The CERES system allows unique topographical analysis & surface modification capabilities:

  • Location of 2D/2.5D features  as little as 200 nm in height

  • 3D printing metal microconnectors between contact pads and traces with  <1 µm precision

  • 3D printing metal 3D microstructures and 2D lines

  • Local dispensing of isolation or conductive layers

  • Modification of the surface with novel materials

CERES presents a unique method of modifying surface structures directly on a die, with submicrometer precision. 

Our topographical analysis function, which we term "surface mapping", is detailed in a whitepaper, available to download below:
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