We provide you the technology to design and create micrometer-sized metal objects at room temperature. Our unique technology also excels in repairing, modifying and improving existing structures with sub-micrometer resolution. 

Many projects in strongly differing areas have already been successfully completed. We were able to make significant contributions to basic research projects as well as to manufacture small series parts.

µAM for research

  • Exaddon acts at the forefront of microtechnology and interacts heavily with academic and research communities. The stand-alone system CERES offers these communities 3D printing capabilities for very complex metal structures. CERES also dispenses liquids in 2D, both with and without nanoparticles.

µAM for industry

  • Based on µAM, Exaddon develops and provides additive micromanufacturing solutions and process steps for novel applications. New high-tech products can be manufactured that are unreachable with conventional solutions. µAM is ideal for proof of concept, prototyping and industrial production evaluation.


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Architectured Materials
(full-metal microlattices)

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Design objects

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Cooling ribs 

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