Applications of Microscale Metal Objects

Design and 3D print micrometer-sized metal objects at room temperature:   

- Object size range: <1 µm to 1000 µm

- Pure metals (Cu, Au)

- No post-processing

Exaddon 3D Printing: Advancing Fundamental Research

Significant contributions to fundamental research have been made with the CERES technology, from high-frequency communications, materials science, drug delivery needles and more. Read the publications to discover more.

Industry & Additive
Micromanufacturing (µAM)

  • Exaddon develops and provides µAM systems for vast sectors of industry. New high-tech products & applications can be created with this new 3D printing technology. Traditionally manufactured (MEMS, lithography) microparts can be functionalized and modified in ways which are impossible with conventional solutions. 
    Single metal components can be manufactured at a micro scale and printed with high precision. CERES is a versatile semi-automated system that allows the printing of complex micro objects, dispensing of liquids, and nanoparticles at any specific target location. It is ideal system for proof of concept, prototyping and industrial production evaluation.

Science, R&D, and Additive
Micromanufacturing (µAM)

  • Exaddon operates at the forefront of microtechnology and interacts heavily with academic and research communities. The stand-alone system CERES offers these communities 3D printing capabilities for very complex metal structures. CERES also dispenses liquids in 2D, both with and without nanoparticles. 

    Learn more about the possible applications in the Use Cases section below. 

Download CERES Datasheet

Questions? - Talk with us!

The only technology of its kind in the world, CERES has limitless possibilities within both industry and research. Your application is our motivation; let us know your questions or challenges, and our technicians will work to help you discover the limitless possibilities of additive micromanufacturing with CERES.