High Frequency Technologies - Beyond 5G

The need for unlimited communication and access to information has led to an ever-increasing demand for bandwidth, and the need to go beyond 5G. High bandwidth means high frequencies and short wavelengths. Short wavelengths mean tiny antennas and structures. 

From radio astronomy research to THz wavelength communication, our  CERES µAM system allows you to engineer high-frequency microelectronic components with sub-micrometer precision. 

CERES  works through local electroplating of ionic metal, allowing  you to manufacture minute antennas in geometries impossible for any other technology. Through the incredible precision and control which CERES offers, a ccess to the THz range can be fully realized via our metal 3D printing technology. 

Additive micromanufacturing with our CERES system makes THz accessible and helps you to stay ahead. 

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Microscale 3D printed yagi uda antenna for high frequency technologies