Metal 3D Printing from <1 µm to 1000 µm

CERES Print System

CERES is a stand-alone 3D print system that prints complex and pure metal objects at the micrometer scale, and with submicrometer resolution. 

Key CERES features:

- Possible object size: <1 µm to 1000 µm
- Room temperature process
- No post-processing necessary
- Print overhanging parts without support structures
- Resolution (min. feature size):  <1 µm
- Print pure metals: Cu, Au, Ni, Ag, Pt

CERES combines nanometer-accurate positioning, electrochemical deposition, and optical force feedback. 

Inbuilt optics and alignment enable pinpoint-accurate printing on prepatterned surfaces.

The proprietary software has an intuitive UI and seamlessly connects all parts of the system. A very comprehensive online user manual provides step-by-step workflows for easy usage. 

Download the CERES system brochure

Exaddon CERES microscale 3d printing system - additively manufactures complex metal objects at micrometer sizes


Exaddon CERES printing chamber dimension diagram


Print objects between 1 µm to  1000  µm  in size

Exaddon CERES printing process speed diagram

Up to 2.5  µm /s metal printing speed

Exaddon CERES printing precision diagram

X/Y ± 250 nm & Z ± 5 nm stage positioning precision


Standardized Workflows

Comprehensive, tested print workflows designed with optimal UX in mind

Proprietary Software

CAPA software is fully customized for our µAM system and print workflows

Online User Manual

Regularly updated to guide users through new functionality

Lead the world of microprinting applications with CERES

The only technology of its kind in the world, CERES has limitless possibilities within both industry and research. Your application is our motivation; let us know your questions or challenges, and our technicians will work to help you discover the limitless possibilities of additive micromanufacturing with CERES.






Please contact us with your specific requests or application ideas. We are dedicated to support you and help you make your vision come true.