Exaddon Micromachines Research Wins Best Paper Award

20 May, 2022 by
Exaddon Micromachines Research Wins Best Paper Award
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The award-winning paper is also the 8th most viewed Micromachines paper of all time!

Exaddon research has been recognized in the Micromachines 2022 Best Paper AwardsThe paper, entitled "Additive Manufacturing of Sub-Micron to Sub-mm Metal Structures with Hollow AFM Cantilevers", describes Exaddon's force-controlled 3D printing method for layer-by-layer additive micromanufacturing (µAM) of metal microstructures. 

One of five winners, the paper was evaluated in terms of the originality and significance, citations, and downloads, with the Micromachines Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor-in-Chief making the final nominations. Even more impressively, the paper ranks as the 8th most viewed Micromachines paper of all time (at time of writing).

The team, comprised of staff from Exaddon and ETH Zurichdemonstrated how hollow atomic force microscopy cantilevers can be utilized to locally dispense metal ions in a standard 3-electrode electrochemical cell, enabling a confined electroplating reaction. This is the fundamental process used by the CERES µAM print system. (Learn more about about the CERES system here.)

This is a great signifier of how microscale additive manufacturing is capturing the attention of scientists, researchers, and the wider public alike. Though it may still be considered an emerging discipline within the wider domain of additive manufacturing, the potential impact of this Industry 4.0 technology, coupled with rigorous scientific investigation, is showing great promise for a variety of cutting-edge applications. 

CERES is ideal for printing complex metal structures directly in situ, such as on chip surfaces. This makes CERES ideal for use cases such as:

To read the full paper, as well as other µAM papers, please visit the Publications page. 

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