Semiconductor Open Defect Repair with µAM

Increasing yield in semiconductor chip production is one of the most persistent goals for microchip manufacturers

Damaged dies and the failure rate during production has resulted in function and performance testing of the microchips and dies at the end of the production process. In most cases, underperforming or damaged dies are sorted and scrapped. 

Open defects can be defined as unwanted electrical disconnections between interconnect material, most typically due to missing conducting material, or the presence of extra insulating material.

With the unique µAM capacity of our CERES system, semiconductor open defect repair is possible, directly on a die - impossible for any other technology. High-quality pure metal can be deposited with submicrometer accuracy, directly to the required location.
High-precision resonant circuits can be leveled by adding connecting lines between different chip areas. 

Adding this unique µAM post process in traditional chip manufacturing increases die yield and improves the quality of the individual dies. 

Through adjustment of the electrochemical parameters of our CERES print system, the morphology of printed structures can be controlled. All of this is conducted at room temperature, ensuring that existing structures and components are not damaged.

Close-up of semiconductor wafer

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