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Exaddon Research in MRS Advances - Microneedles for Drug Delivery

Edward White
September 2022 — 27 views

Exaddon Partners with AXT for Microscale Additive Manufacturing Distribution in Australia & New Zealand

Edward White
September 2022 — 106 views

Localized Electrodeposition of Microscale Copper - Chinese Research Features Exaddon μAM Technology

Edward White
August 2022 — 81 views

Exaddon Micromachines Research Wins Best Paper Award

Edward White
May 2022 — 510 views

Semiconductor Surface Defect Repair with Microscale Metal Additive Manufacturing

Edward White
April 2022 — 289 views

Exaddon Research in Applied Materials Today 2022 (27) - Microstructural Characterization of Micropillars

Edward White
March 2022 — 504 views

Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung Purchase Exaddon CERES µAM Print System

Edward White
March 2022 — 446 views

University of Oregon Purchase Exaddon CERES µAM print system for Research into Microscale Additive Manufacturing

Edward White
February 2022 — 514 views

CERES System Installation in FBH Berlin

Edward White
October 2021 — 923 views

Exaddon Attend Micro- Nano Engineering Conference 2021

Edward White
October 2021 — 891 views

Exaddon Present at Swiss Photonics Conference, EPHJ 2021

Edward White
October 2021 — 653 views

Exaddon and matériO Display at the Maison&Objet Fair in Paris

Edward White
September 2021 — 541 views

Exaddon Featured in 'Best Micro 3D Printers 2021'

Edward White
September 2021 — 491 views

Q&A Part 2: Developing Microscale 3D Metal Printing

Edward White
August 2021 — 491 views

Q&A Part 1: 3D Metal Printing at the Microscale

Edward White
July 2021 — 762 views

Testing Microscale Metal Objects 3D Printed with the Exaddon CERES System

Edward White
June 2021 — 519 views

Developing a µAM Simulator

Edward White
January 2021 — 757 views

University of Pisa Purchase the Exaddon CERES μAM Print System

Edward White
December 2020 — 1330 views

Beyond 5G with Microscale Additive Manufacturing

Edward White
October 2020 — 4678 views

Changchun University purchase the Exaddon CERES µAM print system

Edward White
September 2020 — 1117 views

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We provide high-precision and innovative additive micromanufacturing solutions for technology visionaries and companies aiming to be at the forefront of innovation.

Our unique CERES system prints tiny objects with nanometer resolution, in sizes from 1 µm to up to 1000 µm.

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