Localized Electrodeposition of Pure Metals

                              Exaddon CERES microscale 3d printing system - electrochemical deposition process diagram

                              ELECTROCHEMICAL DEPOSITION µAM

                              Exaddon's additive micromanufacturing technology (µAM) is based on electrochemical deposition:

                              1. A small printing nozzle, called an   iontip , is immersed in a supporting electrolyte bath.
                              2. A precisely regulated air-pressure pushes a liquid containing metal ions through a microchannel inside the iontip. The liquid flow is very small - as low as femtoliters per second.
                              3. At the end of the microchannel, the ion containing liquid is released onto the print surface. The print surface must be conductive; we use materials such as Cu, Au, PEDOT, and ITO.
                              4. The dissolved metal ions are then electrodeposited into solid metal atoms.

                              These metal atoms grow together into small building blocks called voxels. Optical force feedback registers the completion of each voxel until all voxels are printed and the complete object is constructed. This electrochemical printing process takes place at room temperature. The process leads to very high-quality metal structures that are immediately ready for their application - there is no need for any post-processing. 


                              The forces acting on the iontip can be measured optically, and are used as feedback. This allows the system to detect which voxels of the object have already been printed. This optical force feedback provides real-time process control. 

                              Exaddon CERES microscale 3d printing system - layer-by-layer 3D printing process diagram

                              METAL PRINTING PROCESS 

                              Exaddon CERES microscale 3d printing system - 3D printing of metals process diagram

                              COPPER PRINTING 

                              Exaddon CERES microscale 3d printing system - 3D printing of copper process diagram


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