Additive Manufacturing at the Microscale - Competitive Landscape Overview 2021

In 2020, we conducted an analysis of additive manufacturing companies operating within the microscale range.

One year on, we have surveyed these same providers from our original matrix to see what developments have been made within the world of additive micromanufacturing (µAM) technology. More and more research teams in academia and industry are discovering the unique possibilities which µAM offers, and its importance as an accelerator of change is only increasing.

The µAM landscape is populated by truly innovative companies offering a tremendously diverse range of technologies. Although labeled a ‘competitive’ landscape analysis, these technologies all offer their own benefits to distinct applications and use cases.

This eight page overview details the various methods of printing, the materials used, the size range possible, the crucial dimensions involved, as well as visual examples of objects printed with the various technologies. For the metal printing providers, there is a note on how their capabilities compare to those of Exaddon, as we see these as the most direct competitors to our CERES technology. 




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