CAPA 4.3.0

What is new in the December 2024 Software Update

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Main new features:

CAPA 4.3.0:
- New and updated features    
         - Barcode reader is optional    
         - Default details for the Iontip are pre-loaded
         - Fetching Iontip data is made optional
         - Collision Checker

- Advanced printing parameters are expanded
- Collision checker can be used when rotation is applied
- Bug fix: Ruler Tool is updated in sync with the zoom
- .NET6 is required for this version

VCG 2.4:
- Log Viewer tab: Print file data is displayed in a table
- Tab selection layout updated
- Matlab release is checked on VCG start
- Improved access to help features
- Auto-update of the Substrate Overview on Printing Chamber or Grid change
- Display the edge of the printable area in the Substrate Overview

Firmware 5.2.9
- Allow fast CAPA start: CAPA will wait for the firmware to boot
- Improved noise resistance of voxel detection algorithm
- A bug was fixed in the mapping routing
- More robust handling of several components in the CERES printing head

How to Install CAPA 4.3.0

Release Date: 2023-12-14

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To install CAPA 4.3.0, please follow the next steps in the shown order .

1. Download .zip File 

To download the .zip file containing updates for CAPA, the firmware of the CERES controller, and the VCG, click  here.

This .zip file includes the following files:

- afmctrl_5.2.9.bin

- CAPA 4.3.0.msi


- README.txt

2. Consult Release Notes

The changes included in this update can be found here

3. Begin Installation    

Log in to the CERES control computer with the Exaddon Maintenance account to install the update.

4. Update .NET version

Go to  Download .NET 6.0 (Windows)  and download the latest version of the .NET Desktop Runtime for Windows Desktop. Please select x64 architecture.

Run the installer.

5. Install CAPA

Execute CAPA 4.3.0.msi to install the newest CAPA update.

6. Install Firmware

After updating CAPA, run the Firmware Updater to install the newest firmware version afmctrl_5.2.9.bin of the CERES control system.

Please refer to the user manual on how to update the firmware in detail.

7. Install VCG

To use VCG 2.5, update your MATLAB installation to MATLAB 2023a (recommended, but also supported are 2021b, r2022a, r2022b and r2023b).   
Go to the installation directory of the Exaddon VCG. The VCG is usually located in D:\Exaddon\.
 -- Delete ChamberList.txt and VCG.p from D:\Exaddon\.
  -- Delete the subfolder called VCG. All the other folders should not be touched. 
                     -- Unzip the file and copy its content to D:\Exaddon\. If asked, choose to overwrite  all files in the copying process. 
                    -- The new version of VCG.p should now be located in D:\Exaddon\.
                      -- The new VCG folder should be a subfolder of D:\Exaddon\.

8. Installation Complete

The CAPA 4.3.0 software update is complete. You can continue printing with enhanced functionality!