CAPA 4.0.2

What is new in the October 2021 Software Update

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The new update contains major improvements that simplify the use of the system.


  • The potentiostat has been now integrated in CAPA with a brand-new tool , which simplifies the workflow and adds new functionality (see picture below).

  • We have also developed a new head nose cleaning workflow that allows complete nose cleaning without removing the head, simplifying the operation, and reducing risks.

  • By adding new preparation workflows and stepping up the functionality of our navigation tool , we have also made the system more intuitive and consistent. 


  • The VCG has a new, cleaner look that makes it easier to use

  • All the MATLAB apps are now merged into one: the VCG

  • Now the VCG can interact with substrate height maps , allowing you to map existing features of your substrate and to place objects over them with incredible precision

Additionally, we have a new firmware that makes voxel detection more precise and increases tip lifetime, as well as expanded the capabilities of our software suite to prepare for the release of our latest ink: Gold!

For a detailed description of the changes, please download this document (NOTE: this page will not be accessible after the upgrade). 

The new potentiostat tool


A height map in the VCG


How to Install CAPA 4.0.2

Release Date: 2021-10-01

To install CAPA 4.0.2, follow the steps below (in the order shown) to update your system to the latest version.

1. Download .zip File 

Please download the .zip file containing updates for CAPA, the firmware of the CERES controller and the VCG from  here .

This .zip file includes the following files:

  • afmctrl_4.4.8.bin

  • CAPA 4.0.2.msi


  • README.txt

2. Consult Release Notes

The changes included in this update can be found  here

3. Begin Installation  

Login to the CERES control computer with the  Exaddon Maintenance  account to install the update.

4. Update .NET Framework  

Go to  Download .NET 5.0 (Windows)  and download the latest version of the .NET Desktop Runtime for Windows Desktop. Please select x64 architecture.

Run the installer.

5. Install CAPA

Execute  CAPA 4.0.2.msi  to install the newest CAPA update.

6. Install Firmware

After updating CAPA, run the Firmware Updater to install the newest firmware version  afmctrl_4.4.8.bin  of the CERES control system.

Please refer to the  user manual  on how to update the firmware in detail.

7. Install VCG

Update your MATLAB installation to MATLAB 2021a (recommended) or 2020b to use the latest version of the applications.  

Go to the installation directory of the Exaddon VCG (and the other Matlab Apps). The VCG and the LogViewer are usually located in  D:\Exaddon\ . Delete the folders VCG and LogViewer.

Unzip the  file and copy its content to the installation directory of the Exaddon VCG. Choose to overwrite all files in the copying process.

8. Installation Complete

The CAPA 4.0.2 software update is complete. You can carry on printing with the enhanced functionality!