CAPA 3.3.1

Release Date: 2020-11-09

We are proud to announce the newest update to the control software of the CERES system.

You can download a .zip file including updates for CAPA, the firmware of the CERES controller and the MATLAB apps from here.

This .zip file includes the following files:

  • afmctrl_4.0.0.bin

  • CAPA 3.3.1.msi


  • README.txt

Release Notes

The changes included in this update can be found here


Login to the CERES control computer with the Exaddon Maintenance account to install the update.


Execute CAPA 3.3.1.msi to install the newest CAPA update.


After updating CAPA, run the Firmware Updater to install the newest firmware version afmctrl_4.0.0.bin of the CERES control system.

Please refer to the user manual on how to update the firmware in detail.


Unzip the file and copy its content to the installation directory of the Exaddon MATLAB apps. You can replace all files of the old version.

The MATLAB apps are usually located in D:\Exaddon\.