We provide high-precision and innovative additive micromanufacturing solutions for technology visionaries and companies aiming to be at the forefront of innovation.

Our unique CERES printing system is designed for researchers and scientists to conduct additive micro-manufacturing (µAM) of metals on the micrometer scale. CERES can print complex micro metal objects with nanometer resolution, in sizes from 1 µm to up to 1000 µm, at room temperature and without the need for post-processing. 

Due to the spectacular market response to our technology, the former business unit from Cytosurge AG was spun-off in 2019 into its own independent company, Exaddon AG.

Our mission is to solve the technological challenges of our partners and customers by creating new additive micro-manufacturing solutions. Speak with us today to discuss how our globally unique technology and expertise can realize and extend your manufacturing vision. 


Profile picture Edgar Hepp, CEO Exaddon


Edgar Hepp


Edgar is particularly interested in combining market needs with technical solutions, interacting with people and inspiring them to create new ideas. He has held various positions previously, such as product manager, team leader and business development manager in organizations with global footprint. The tremendous commercial potential and the entrepreneurial adventure of the micro 3D metal printing have fascinated him from the very beginning.

He likes sailing and kite surfing in summertime, and skiing in winter.

Profile picture Dr. Wabe Koelmans, CTO Exaddon


Dr. Wabe Koelmans


Wabe’s passions to understand how things work and connect to people have made him a technology team builder. As CTO he sets the technical direction of our company and heads the R&D team. Wabe has held several R&D positions in organizations ranging from a high-tech startup to a world leading corporation. He has a multidisciplinary expertise in micro- and nanotechnology. Now he puts his passion and experience to good use being responsible for our micromanufacturing technology.  

In his free time Wabe enjoys sports, many outdoor activities and is active in the church.

Profile picture Dr. Giorgio Ercolano, Electrochemist, Exaddon


Dr. Giorgio Ercolano


Giorgio obtained his PhD degree in Materials Science at the University of Cambridge, England. He has research experience in nanomaterial engineering for electronic and energy applications. Giorgio joined Exaddon as an expert in electrochemical processes. His main objective is to support the team in understanding and controlling the fundamental phenomena governing the micromanufacturing process of metal.

Giorgio has a passion for both music and travels. If Giorgio is not exploring new places during his free time, he is usually playing with his synthesizer.

Profile picture Thibaut Merle, R&D Engineer, Exaddon


Paolo Testa


Paolo’s passion is to solve real world problems through innovative technologies. After amassing varied experience in the field of materials science and engineering, ranging from polymer composites to microelectronics, Paolo joined Exaddon to advance the world of additive micromanufacturing. He holds a PhD degree in Material Science from ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

In his free time Paolo enjoys skiing, trekking and swimming in the Limmat.  

Profile picture Luca Christen, Software Engineer, Exaddon


Luca Christen


Luca is a passionate software engineer who supports the Exaddon Research & Development team in further developing the control software for the CERES system. To broaden his IT knowledge, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in computer science at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. He is particularly interested in delivering the best possible software user experience to Exaddon customers. 

In his spare time, Luca enjoys photography, bouldering, and board games.

Profile picture Dr. Thomas Lincke, Senior Software Engineer, Exaddon


Dr. Thomas Lincke 


Thomas obtained his PhD in software Engineering from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He has work experience as a senior software developer in both the semiconductor and financial industries. His goal is to optimize the print algorithms and to give Exaddon customers the best possible control over the print process.

In his spare time he builds robots, tinkers with 3D printers, and likes to solve both new and ancient puzzles.

Profile picture Edward White, Marketing Manager, Exaddon


Edward White 


With a background in linguistics and copy writing, Edward is passionate about delivering crafted messages to target audiences. His focus spans content production, lead generation,  digital marketing,   and analytics. He holds a degree in Linguistics from the University of York, UK, and has studied digital marketing, new media design and web development in Vancouver, Canada.

Edward spends his free time participating in all forms of cycling and skiing, and greatly enjoys cooking. 

Profile picture Niloofar Khornian, Masters Student/intern, Exaddon


Niloofar Khornian 

R & D ENGINEER (Intern)

With an MSc in Materials Science and Engineering from EPFL, Niloofar has joined the Exaddon team to complete her master's thesis, focusing on semiconductor open defect repair through 3D printing on existing structures.

Formerly a professional table tennis player, Niloofar still enjoys keeping her skills sharp, as well taking advantage of Switzerland's numerous hiking opportunities.

Michelle Curti, External Accountant, Exaddon


Michelle Curti 

ACCOUNTANT (External Employee)

As an external accountant (B.+ G. Schneider Treuhand AG), Michelle is responsible for our accounting since the company was founded. She processes all supplier and sales invoices as well as salaries and always keeps our bookkeeping perfectly up-to-date.

To balance out her daily job with numbers, Michelle passionately plays curling. Another one of her hobbies: Michelle likes to cook for friends.